Happy ending

How would you like the end of your trip to be? Give me ten days of sailing in light winds and calm sea, beautiful sunsets, whales, birds and good fishing. At the beginning… Continue reading


We arrived in Vavau, Tonga, after having been bashing around in 30 knots of wind on the last two days of sailing. Fortunately, the waves almost disappeared on the lee side of the… Continue reading


Tomorrow we are leaving French Polynesia to sail towards Tonga, and this makes us both quite sad. We have spent an amazing time in this country of islands of which there are still… Continue reading

Moorea and Tahiti

It was very refreshing to see the green mountains of Moorea after a month in the flat Tuamotus. Like the other Society Islands, Moorea is surrounded by a reef which forms a lagoon… Continue reading

Tuamotu, life in an atoll

The Tuamotu archipelago is formed of 78 atolls, ring shaped islands with an inner lagoon surrounded by a reef. Some of these atolls have a pass to enter, where strong currents generate when… Continue reading

Cirrus’ own Beaufort scale

Fortunately for us, some of the illustrations are based on pure imagination and not personal experience.  

Two months in the Marquesas is not enough

This was our feeling when we left that magic place, to the point that we thought about changing our plan and spending the season in there instead of going all the way to… Continue reading

Sailing across the Pacific

Almost a month ago we arrived in Nuku Hiva after 30 days at sea. This island is such a special place for many reasons which I will leave for another post.  For the… Continue reading

Busy times in Panama 

As soon as we arrived in Panama after the San Blas, we started to make all the arrangements to cross the famous canal. We chose Portobelo as a base following the advice of… Continue reading

Kuna Yala – San Blas

Kuya Yala is an autonomus region of Panama, home to the kuna indians. It covers a long stretch of montanius mainland, from the atlantic Colombian border up to the Colon province, plus 365… Continue reading