Summer in the UK

A BBQ in Hamble onboard Cirrus during the summer of 2016. This is a little sample of the last page of the comic drawn. Still a lot of work to draw it all!


A bit of Galicia in sketchbook

Being stuck in the boat at anchor while the rain and the wind were blowing outside in Laxe, Rocio read through two full books. It is the only way I get her to stay still while I draw her, unless she sleeps of course.

Again here, stuck onboard, but this time not due to the weather but due to a leak of Cheeky Bombard in Luarca.

The beach next to O’Vicedo where we would pick mussels for a free dinner onboard.

The Hallberg-Rassy of those who were to become our friends, Inga and Peter, at anchor in Isla Cies.

Some of those funny shore plants that I don’t know the name of. Anyone knows if they are edible??