Cirrus au port

Cirrus at sea and Cirrus in the harbour are two different things.

At sea everything must have its place, safely secured so that it won’t fly off and land in a crash on the opposite side. Cockpit lockers must be ordered so that we can easily take out the different sails as we adjust the sailplan to the intensity of the wind. If we first need to dig the sails below the kite board, the snorkeling masks and the bimini, it does  not work.

But when we are in a harbour, Cirrus changes. The BBQ is attached to a stanchion, the clothes are drying on lines strung everywhere we can, towels are drying after the last swim, the solar shower is hung from the spinnaker pole, the cockpit table is pulled out and the bimini set to provide us some shade.


Luanco under the rain

 The grey weather does not make you want to empty the locker to find Cheeky Bombar (our tender) and inflate it to go ashore. 

So we find things to do inside.