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Cirrus au port

Cirrus at sea and Cirrus in the harbour are two different things. At sea everything must have its place, safely secured so that it won’t fly off and land in a crash on… Continue reading

In Las Palmas, sin noticias de Thomas

We arrived on the 14th in the beginning of the afternoon at the mooring of Las Palmas. To get there we took 28 hours of sailing on board “Rêves de Jour” with the… Continue reading

13 martes…

…ni te cases ni te embarques (don’t get married and don’t go sailing) Not taking care of this “bad luck” day that Spanish have decided to set on Tuesday the 13th we are… Continue reading

The pontoon of la Graciosa, a treasure of friendly sailors

These last days have been marked by social activities and meeting new people. After spending the first part of our voyage in Lanzarote mainly in us two, we are very eager of speaking… Continue reading

Life is better in La Graciosa

Today the weather came back to the usual North Westerly wind with cumulus and blue sky. The last couple of days were rather unconventional; the Azores high pressure had collapsed, leaving the low… Continue reading

La Graciosa

La Graciosa could be seen as the “daughter” of Lanzarote. Unlike the island of lava, this one is formed by sandy landscapes guarded by four volcanoes: Las Agujas, Montaña del Mojón, Montaña Amarilla… Continue reading

Last days in Lanzarote

Hi everybody, a bit of catching up here. We haven’t been on internet so much in the last days, for the simple reason that being in front of a computer sometimes is a… Continue reading