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Logbook part 4

07-12-2012 Our respective nightwatches consisted on a brainstorming session: treasure hunt planning for Thea’s birthday… We started building up the story and thinking about the different locations to hide the clues. And the… Continue reading

Log Book Transatlantic – Part 1

27-11-12 Departure We woke up around 7:00. But this time we were not woken up by the little laughs of the cabin next door, but well due to our own excitation. Since the… Continue reading

St Lucia… already?

Hi everybody, we arrived yesterday on the 11th at 5h44 utc. We are lacking of time for a long post with our full logbook since in a hour we embark on board Berenice,… Continue reading

Change of plans

The administration of this blog would like to announce that due to some issues with the new Vismara 52 we are skipping the Med and meeting Intrepid Bear in Portugal for the passage… Continue reading

Intrepid Bear

Salut, Hola, Hello, Kaixo! Good news! we got a boat! We should be sailing, or rather, we will be sailing, on board Intrepid Bear. It is this catamaran, a Catana 43, owned by… Continue reading