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Happy ending

How would you like the end of your trip to be? Give me ten days of sailing in light winds and calm sea, beautiful sunsets, whales, birds and good fishing. At the beginning… Continue reading


Tomorrow we are leaving French Polynesia to sail towards Tonga, and this makes us both quite sad. We have spent an amazing time in this country of islands of which there are still… Continue reading

Moorea and Tahiti

It was very refreshing to see the green mountains of Moorea after a month in the flat Tuamotus. Like the other Society Islands, Moorea is surrounded by a reef which forms a lagoon… Continue reading

Kuna Yala – San Blas

Kuya Yala is an autonomus region of Panama, home to the kuna indians. It covers a long stretch of montanius mainland, from the atlantic Colombian border up to the Colon province, plus 365… Continue reading

Take me back to Los Roques, Venezuela

“-do we do the customs and paperwork in Gran Roque? Asks Rocio somewhat anxiously -hmmm… Some people advised us to skip this step though. Do you know how much it could cost? -I… Continue reading

Meanwhile in La Graciosa…

Fishing, sailing, walking, splicing, baking, being fished, meeting amazing people… Life is good in LG!


I am now writing from the island of La Graciosa, in Canarias, where we arrived a few days ago after five days of sailing from Lisboa. The trip has somehow slowed down a… Continue reading

Exploring the Rías of Galicia

I am writing now as we sail amongst the Isla Cies, where according to the Guardian there is “the most beautiful beach in the world”. We tried it, it is good. But the… Continue reading

What it is to sail onboard a cruising catamaran

Sailing onboard a cruising catamaran of 43 feet is a new experience for us. Our experience of catamaran was limited to Hobbie Cat… and we can pretty much say it has nothing to… Continue reading