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Downwind sailing on Cirrus

There are many ways to sail Cirrus. Because we don’t have a furling sail on the front, we are left with many configurations of stays and sails to be hoisted rather than furled.… Continue reading

Technical stop in Faial

We are still stuck in the Azores, waiting for a sheave box to arrive. Indeed without this little plastic piece we cannot use the staysail halyard which enables to hoist a stormjib or a… Continue reading

From Guadaloupe to the Azores

We sailed away from Guadeloupe on the 6th of April at 13h UT.  Des Mers d´Arts, the sistership of our Epok´sea, left in the same time as us. Zebulon the third boat of… Continue reading

Logbook part 4

07-12-2012 Our respective nightwatches consisted on a brainstorming session: treasure hunt planning for Thea’s birthday… We started building up the story and thinking about the different locations to hide the clues. And the… Continue reading

Hello world!

Here we are, August in the UK, sitting in front of the computer hearing the sound of the rain against the window. And thinking… only one month to go sailing, seeking sun and… Continue reading