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From Antigua to Bahamas

Hi everybody, I will tell you about these last days from Antigua up to now, the last days with Rocio and me together before we take a little break and went discovering Carribbean… Continue reading

The other Antigua

What happens when the Caribbean winter season finishes? How is it like when all these floating luxury hotels leave Antigua? I have asked this question to myself many times since I arrived here.… Continue reading

Antigua and the life of the yachties

Hello our dear followers and beloved friends and families, We have now been in Antigua since a month more or less, living like proper yachties. But first we should tell you what a… Continue reading

What have we been up to all this time? From St Lucia to Curacao passing by Venezuela…

Hi everybody, We haven´t been doing our homework lately. It proved very difficult to find both time and good internet connection in the same time. But we hope that this absence of news… Continue reading