Who are we?

We met at University when none of us could really speak English but nonetheless we had both had the brilliant idea to come and study in Southampton, UK.

After four years of training to become naval architects we thought we had enough of computers and we went sailing. That’s where all really started…

One year and many adventures later we found ourselves back on this side of the Atlantic, looking for a “serious” job.

Our jobs brought us back to Southampton, where we enjoyed the benefits of land life for almost four years.

But the idea of sailing around the World in our own boat had never left our minds, so in April 2016 we bought Cirrus.

Cirrus became our home in Southampton and we kept on saving money until we left our jobs in May 2017. We sailed to Bilbao, where we spent 3 months refitting the boat with the help of Rocio’s dad. Here you can see what we did to make Cirrus great again.

In August 2017 we set sail towards the sunset.

Rocío & Gaspar