On visite Cirrus pour la 1ère fois!


2nd of January 2016, horizontal rain, we visit Cirrus for the first time in the Golf du Morbihan (Brittany).

Jeremy: Welcome – It won’t be very pleasant to do a tour of the boat on a day like today… but let’s go.

Jeremy: Here’s Cirrus. Careful with the wind pilot when you go on board.comic-2_resized

Jeremy: So, where do we start? The engine? Or do you want to take a look outside?

Maud: Sorry about the mess

Rocío: It’s perfect inside, I can stand up!

Gaspar: Yeah…sort of

Maud: There is a secret spot for a bottle in there…

Jeremy: And the engine…bla bla bla… and the GPS…bla bla…

Maud: And the heads… bla bla

Jeremy: All good? Shall I show you the decks?