A bit of Galicia in sketchbook

Being stuck in the boat at anchor while the rain and the wind were blowing outside in Laxe, Rocio read through two full books. It is the only way I get her to… Continue reading

Exploring the Rías of Galicia

I am writing now as we sail amongst the Isla Cies, where according to the Guardian there is “the most beautiful beach in the world”. We tried it, it is good. But the… Continue reading

Super speedy recovery in Sada

We arrived in Sada on Thursday evening. By Friday afternoon the new alternator arrived in Cadenote (the local shipchandler). Super quick service and friendly people. We got to know the Cadenote team well… Continue reading

The alternator says no

The alternator has stopped charging the batteries and we are heading to Sada to have it looked at and eventually get a new one. Luckily, we’ve got solar panels (and it is sunny)… Continue reading

Asturias from the sea

It’s been a week now that Rocio’s family accompanied us on board Alai to the entrance of El Abra, and waved us off as we turned West. The conditions could not be better,… Continue reading

Luanco under the rain

 The grey weather does not make you want to empty the locker to find Cheeky Bombar (our tender) and inflate it to go ashore.  So we find things to do inside.

First stop Llanes

After our first night sailing we arrived in Llanes. Where the depth gauge showed 0m at the entrance. Apparently the depth gauge is not quite right as we got in.

We are off! 

Today we say goodbye to three amazing months in the Basque Country. Our first stop will probably be Llanes in Asturias, about 100 miles to the West.  The plan is to sail along… Continue reading

Making Cirrus great again – how we have refited our beautiful boat

After three months of working on Cirrus, we can’t wait to start our sailing adventure. A complication with the engine has delayed our departure but hopefully everything will sort out soon and we… Continue reading

The day Cirrus left the Solent

One year after arriving in the UK, Cirrus who is now an accomplished English speaker left to sail to warmer climates. Our now ex colleagues waved us good bye from the beach.  Do… Continue reading